Daleen Meinhardt

I started my career as a Cobol / Natural Adabas programmer at the then Iscor, before moving to the FirstRand Group where I spent 16  years in the Insurance and Banking Industry. Here I became involved in developing business models and products that supports  organisations from an HR & Payroll perspective for FirstRand and FirstRand customers. 

I have been part of a journey to build a business where people are at the centre of the strategy, moving from FirstRand to BCX in 2011 to NGA Africa in 2014 and back to BCX in 2019. Being part of a business growing in Africa, supporting organisations in implementing  their Digital HR & Payroll Strategy while moving from traditional on-premise business models to cloud-based business models, was one  of the highlights of my career. 

My interest and passion in transforming businesses, saw me moving to BCX’s Health & Retail Solutions in 2021, with a focus on  transforming a business with multiple legacy solutions and implementing new technology and product strategies whilst positioning the  business for accelerated growth. 

I am passionate about people, growing and transforming individuals to be the best version of themselves … setting them up for bigger  and better things whilst growing and developing a business. 

It is not always easy, but we are having a lot of fun! And with a teenager and new student in our house, I need to ensure that I also  have fun and keep abreast of new digital developments …. Which is not easy with two “know it alls”!