ICPA Symposium

Acting as a catalyst for change within the Independent Pharmacy sector in South Africa, ICPA encourages pharmacists to broaden their scope of practice to align with ever-changing healthcare needs of our communities.

This year, ICPA will be hosting talks where delegates attending The Pharmacy Show will receive the latest learning on Primary Healthcare services.

On behalf of the Independent Community Pharmacy Association, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the ICPA symposium to be held at The Pharmacy Show 2024 | Sandton Convention Centre.

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    What's happening?

    ICPA encourages pharmacists to expand their scope of practice at The Pharmacy Show (TPS) 2024. ICPA will be offering short 45min seminars in which you will learn something new to implement within your pharmacy practice, immediately. Up your skills, invest in training your staff and expand your business services! Join us at The Pharmacy Show (TPS), get your FREE visitor badge, let’s begin “Pharmacy Services Reinvigorated”.


    Learn from industry-leading speakers discussing topics based on all things pharmacy.


    Access a wealth of knowledge during the seminars at the ICPA Symposium.


    Discover how you can improve your pharmacy, and how the ICPA is pushing their stance on reinvigorating pharmacy in South Africa.

    Wednesday 15 March 2024

    09h30 - 09h50WelcomeWelcome and openingKgabo Komape
    09h50 - 10h20GLP-1 Receptor AnaloguesA look at new antidiabeticsDr Z Bayat
    10h20 - 10h50Taking Action in Diabetes Care and PreventionManaging the patient living with diabetes to achieve better outcomesMichael Brown
    10h50 - 11h00Q&A
    11h00 - 11h30BREAK
    11h30 - 12h00Family PlanningMedical TOPVictoria Satchwell
    12h00 - 12h30PPP - NDOH persepctivePPP a forerunner to NHIKhadija Jamaloodien
    12h30 - 12h50Taking an accurate BPA workshopProf. Angela Woodiwiss
    12h50 - 13h00Q&A
    13h00 - 14h30LUNCH
    14h30 - 15h00Expanded Programme of ImmunisationMore than just vaccinatingProf H Meyer
    15h00 - 15h30Adverse Events Following Immunisation - Be PreparedHow to be prepared for adverse events and emergenciesSumari Davis/Lynda Steyn
    15h30 - 16h00Immunisation permitsHow to get your permit & scopeVincent Tlala/Registrar
    16h00 - 16h15Q&A


    Thursday 16 March 2024

    09h30 - 09h50Practice Management SystemsSoftware innovation - IT securityDaleen Meinhardt
    09h50 - 10h20Self-Care and the importance of pharmacyAdapting pharmacy to improve self-care modelsDr Sham Moodley
    10h20 - 10h50Digital devices improving health outcomesnew POC devicesGreg Khoury
    10h50 - 11h00Q&A
    11h00 - 11h30BREAK
    11h30 - 12h00CPDClinical updateNishern Govender
    12h00 - 12h30Tackling PBM auditsThe legal perspectiveMogamat Botha
    12h30 - 13h00Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) Offering SEDA will presenting an offering for pharmacies from the agencyKgaladi Thema
    13h00 - 13h10Q&A
    13h15 - 13h45Promotion of Med Safety App and Reporting of Adverse EventsFlorah Matlala
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