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Just under 6 months to go to The Pharmacy Show where you can meet thousands of Pharmacists all in one room!

Our team have been busy helping out on our other events recently and the visitor numbers have been great, engagement at an all time high and some of the best exhibitor performances we have ever seen. Longer conversations, more visits to their stands and even more sales! It would seem our audience has missed you as much as you have missed them!

Our floorplan demonstrates a significant shift in confidence to get back to face-to-face events, so don’t miss out on securing the remaining space at TPS 2025.

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We appreciate planning has been challenging this year, but you still have a chance to be part of the show. Request a floorplan here and get in touch with the team below to confirm your participation. We don’t want you to miss out on exhibiting at The Pharmacy Show 2024 and it’s as simple as this. 

  1. Book a shell scheme stand to provide you with a location to connect with our audience.
  2. Prepare your banners and standard marketing materials and join us at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on the 6th and 7th of April, 2024. 
  3. Connect with thousands of Pharmacists / GP’s and Nurses and promote your products and services to give you the best business development pipeline for the next 12 months.

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American Piercing Systems (APS) is the exclusive importer of STUDEX® ear piercing and after piercing products. For over 4 decades STUDEX® has been the global leader in the production and distribution of high quality guaranteed medical sterile ear piercing equipment and allergy free studs. We have a wide range of ear piercing products as well as hypo-allergenic earrings specifically designed for sensitive ears and a highly competent sales force.

All our earrings are manufactured in the U.S.A. under the authority of the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA), thus ensuring a safe ear piercing or ear wearing experience reflecting the superior quality of STUDEX® earring studs above all others.

APS will be demonstrating to pharmacies how offering STUDEX® can increase both income and foot traffic into their business. We are looking forward to meeting both new and existing customers.

STUDEX® earrings you can trust. 

As our world seeks a full understanding of SARS-CoV-2, the diseases it causes and the associated comorbidities, healthcare professionals continue to deliver services, often adapting traditional practices to provide optimal care. Through the pandemic, FIP, too, is continuing to deliver on its mission to support global health through the advancement of pharmacy by providing a platform for collaboration across borders and uniting the profession.

As part of that mission, FIP Virtual 2020 took place over three weeks in September, showcasing pharmacy’s work in COVID-19, and launching a number of new programmes, such as the FIP Global Development Goals, that will allow the federation to move forward with its “One FIP” strategy. This issue of the IPJ contains reports from FIP Virtual as well as from FIP’s 7th Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress, where scientists from across the globe discussed the latest developments, including around COVID.

Don’t miss:

• The acceleration of “virtual” practice
• How can pharmacists transform their practice around the air pollution agenda?
• Interview with 2020 André Bédat awardee Martin Schulz
• Celebrating 50 years of the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences
• The world cannot afford low vaccine uptake so pharmacy must increase it
• Good leadership in challenging times
• Be an agent of change for women in science and education
• How Jordan and Indonesia collaborated with FIP to advance pharmacy practice
• COVID-19 has changed the future of drug development
• Issues to consider for herd immunity — COVID-19
• Advancing cancer therapies through mathematics and trial design
• Genomics: The next leap forward in clinical care
• Challenges for cell and gene therapy manufacturing
• Harnessing the therapeutic potential of gut microbes
• New use for old diabetes medicine could improve outcomes in hepatitis B
• Novel diagnostic technology to monitor health conditions via the skin developed
• Overcoming global health challenges with innovative drug delivery approaches
• How access to medicines can be widened by more efficient production

And news includes:

• Transformation of profession to be guided by new goals
• Growing concern over the future of medicines supplies worldwide reflected in new FIP policy statement
• Survey points to shortages caused by COVID
• FIP makes policy statement to address global emergency of patient safety
• Calls for focus on remuneration and sustainability
• Fight against antimicrobial resistance to be advanced by new FIP commission
• New vision laid out to take community pharmacy to 2025
• FIP presents how healthcare challenges in sub-Saharan Africa can be addressed through pharmacy education reform
• Canadian pharmacists want naloxone kits in opioid users’ homes
• Largest screening study for diabetes risk by pharmacists launched
• FIP award winners for 2020

All this is available now!

FIP members can access the interactive journal and pdf here

FIP and PGEU today signed a memorandum of understanding to work in partnership to strengthen the role of community pharmacists. In particular, the two organisations have committed to work together on methodology and typology of community pharmacy services in order to improve communication with the public, to ensure that data collection and presentation on this subject at global level is more sound and more comparable, and to ensure that the role of community pharmacy and community pharmacists in delivering primary health care is recognised and acknowledged at all levels. 

“PGEU and FIP are key partners in their mission to advance and advocate the sustainable contribution community pharmacists make to individual health, public health and to health systems. We look forward to strengthening our work in partnership on topics of common interest and maximise the benefits of our cooperation for our members,” said PGEU president Duarte Santos

“The signing of this MOU is an important step forward to officially reaffirm our willingness to collaborate more closely with PGEU. It is a great opportunity to use the strengths of our both organisations to support pharmacists in their efforts to consolidate their roles in the different health systems for the benefit of their populations. Let’s work together, in trust, solidarity and action, taking advantage of our synergies, in respect of the obvious role of PGEU and FIP. Together we are stronger,” said FIP President Dominique Jordan.

To take into account developments since our COVID-19 clinical information and treatment guidelines for pharmacists were updated in July, today we’ve published an addendum containing more recent information about vaccines, remdesivir, convalescent plasma, neutralising antibodies and herd immunity.

Compliance is key

 2020 has been a very difficult year, healthcare companies and related industries had to step up. COVID-19 brought about new challenges, challenges that required a strict approach towards healthcare waste management. 

Our company, Pleasant Waste Management, has always been committed to preserving the environment for future generations. This approach in healthcare waste management has prepared us for the compliance and care necessary to remove infected waste material according to the highest standards. We understand the critical role that we play in preventing waste material from being exposed and causing further spread. 

COVID-19 Treatment Hospitals were established as part of the National Strategy against COVID-19. The hospitals needed partners who shared the same enthusiasm in ensuring the highest standards. Henceforth, our understanding and execution regarding strict adherence to medical waste removal protocols was key to being commissioned as one of the trusted waste removal companies during the pandemic. 

Our mission was to prevent further spread from infected waste material by serving the various COVID-19 Hospitals. We had to ensure that the use of proper standards regarding the removal of medical waste material and safely transporting the waste to the incinerator. We took further steps by educating the public through our social media channels about COVID-19 compliance and healthcare, assisting wherever we can to help alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The new standards that we have adopted from the pandemic are now essential procedures in our company. We continue to be vigilant, compliant, and strict in serving various our clientele, the war against COVID-19 and preserving our environment for future generations continues. 

As countries face the COVID-19 pandemic, strong primary health care is a critical first line of defence and response, providing essential health services to keep communities safe and healthy, FIP said in a statement to the 73rd World Health Assembly that resumed online this week following a de minimis assembly in May. 

FIP also pointed out that transformation of the profession is now more important than ever as greater reliance is placed on pharmacists to ensure that people get professional advice as well as treatments, and FIP is supporting this with its Development Goals. Read the full statement here.

A handbook to support pharmacists in preventing, controlling, managing and treating vector-borne diseases is published today by FIP. Some of these diseases, such as malaria and dengue, previously confined to tropical and subtropical areas, are now spreading to new regions due to climate change, increased global travel, migration, global trade, deforestation and unplanned urbanisation, and FIP is encouraging pharmacists to take a more active role in their prevention and management. 

“Vector-borne diseases account for nearly one fifth of all infectious diseases and cause over 700,000 deaths every year. In addition to their health burden, their economic impact is enormous, especially so because they disproportionally affect the world’s poorest countries, particularly in Africa, the Americas and South-East Asia,” said FIP president Dominique Jordan.

The new publication, “Vector-borne diseases: A handbook for pharmacists”, produced in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas, provides an overview of vector-borne diseases and the actions that pharmacists can take. It discusses:

  • Educating on prevention methods;
  • Advising on the use of repellents;
  • Compounding mosquito repellents;
  • Improving vaccination coverage;
  • Optimising adherence to treatments; and
  • Reducing social stigma.

“Combating vector-borne diseases is fundamental for achieving many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Most of these diseases are preventable and pharmacists are ideally placed to support communities and patients in protecting themselves. We hope this handbook will be of great value to pharmacists all around the world,” Mr Jordan said.

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