Welcome back to TPS, Medloyd Healthcare!

| March 5th, 2020

Medloyd Healthcare, established in 1990, are importers and distributors of high-quality brand name medical related products. Our product portfolio includes more than 300 line items but for the Saphex exhibition, we will be exhibiting and focusing on two of our niche products, namely Gloves In A Bottle and Breastlight. 

Gloves In A Bottle(GIAB) : world leaders in Shielding lotion technology. Gloves in A Bottle is a unique shielding and dry skin care lotion. The use of GIAB locks out moisture depleting irritants from removing the natural moisture, lipids and oils from the skin whilst simultaneously locks in the skins natural moisture, lipids and oil of the skin for deep rooted nourishment through all 7 major layers of the skin. Suitable for Work, household or weather related dry, cracked, red, itchy, flaky or irritated skin. GIAB is internationally recommended by dermatologist and is scientifically proven to be 6 x times more effective than artificial conventional moisturisers.  Dry skin care and Protection like never before. 

Breastlight: A simple, safe, easy to use handheld rechargeable device that women can use in the comfort of their own homes for the early detection of breast cancer and breast abnormalities. Affords the end user an inner view of their breast and in so doing assists in detecting abnormalities that are often not be palpable when doing monthly self-feel breast examinations. Successfully retailed in 67 countries and now available in South Africa.