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Jacqui Ramage

Jacqui aspires to be the rockstar of the pharmacy profession in the innovation and fresh perspective that she offers the profession, collaborating across boundaries, stereotypes and stigmas.

Jacqui graduated from Potchefstroom University (now UNW) in 1998 and moved to the beauty of the Mother City, Cape Town for her internship year at Wynberg Pharmacy. Amidst social butterflying, advocating for professional change and exploring the world, she has managed to garner experience in a majority of the professional platforms which include community, medical aid schemes, private and public hospitals, manufacturing and training pharmacy support personnel. Her passion lies in empowerment with knowledge as a trainer, facilitator, assessor and moderator and she spends much of her time in this arena.

Her current portfolios extend to the following spaces of life:

  • South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) intern pre-registration examination examiner
  • NMMU Pharmacy Tech examination moderator
  • CANSA advocate and ambassador after experiencing the perspective change of a commute with breast cancer and the roller coaster associated with this space
  • Advocate, trail-blazer, regulatory Responsible Pharmacist for the responsible and safe use and roll-out of medicinal cannabis.

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